Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blasphemy Day

(This was originally part of my previous post but I thought it deserved its own separate post)
I attended the NTS's Blasphemy Day that was held yesterday. I was able to stop by around three while walking home after finishing some homework. They had several poster sheets taped to the pillars of CL50 with markers available for people to write whatever they wanted to. I spent some time reading the comments on the boards, some were funny such as the comment insulting the Bronze bus loop (although I personally loathed Silver loop when I lived on campus), some were random, "I like this pen", and many were about religion. Naturally, when you let people write whatever they wish at en event with religious, mainly atheistic, overtones, you are going to get some very blunt opinions. Many comments could be boiled down to the classic "F*** Religion!". While other comments were pro-religion such as "I am a Christian who does not believe in Hell" which was written in very bold letters across nearly an entire poster. I saw that the NTS had thought ahead and had placed a sign up stating the views expressed on the posters where not necessarily the views of the club. That was probably a good idea. I also left a comment, the tittle of my blog, "Knowledge Is Not Very Far". Overall I thought the event was really nice. You can find more info about it here. If the NTS's president puts up pictures of the posters Ill be sure to put them up here as well.

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