Sunday, January 31, 2010

Send an Atheist to Church

The local Non-Theists Society is doing a charity event called “Send an Atheist to Church”. On Feb. 18 and 19 they will be in the Union with some different Christian denominations (I do not know which ones). They will be taking donations that will go towards the Food Finders Food Bank of Tippecanoe County. With each donation they will ask to which denomination the donation should be associated with. This is to figure out how many non-theists will be attending each church, the more money that is donated on behalf of a specific church, the more non-theists who will attend that church’s services. Afterwards each person who attended a particular church service will write a short piece on their experience. I look forward to reading them. I will most likely stop by and donate on behalf of the LDS Church to see if anyone will attend our services.

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  1. Jake, I thought you may be more likely to see my response if I posted it on your own blog. First, thanks for spreading the word. Second, w would love to add the LDS church to our list. We tried contacting them but never got a response. If you could talk to them for us, that would be awesome! Thanks so much.