Thursday, February 25, 2010

God Botherers

I thought this little piece was funny and worth sharing. It is by a stand-up comedian in the UK.
There's "probably no God", apparently. I read it on the back of a bus last year, courtesy of an advertisement paid for by the British Humanist Association. Mind you, then the Christian Party countered with its own series of ads claiming: "There definitely is a God." For a period last year, in fact, all my spiritual guidance came from slogans painted on buses. If confronted with an ethical dilemma, I'd stroll down the high street and wait for the number 42 to trundle past with "Morality itself being a construct, only your conscience can be your guide" written along the side.
But now that the bus wars have died down, the consensus seems to be that it's unlikely there's a God. Ever since Richard Dawkins wrote his book on the "delusion" a few years ago, the anti-God industry has enjoyed a boom period. The shelves have been crammed with titles such as God Is Not Great, 2,000 Years of Disbelief, 1,000 Tiresomely Reiterated Anti-Church Arguments, and so on.
An atheist Christmas service at London's Bloomsbury Theatre was a box-office smash. Dawkins is now the most popular God-basher since the days when Christians used to be fed to lions. You can hardly have a nativity play without the bespectacled bogeyman storming the stage, scattering the little shepherds and angels with a cry of "Where is the proof of this?!"
In short, atheists are becoming as annoying as believers used to be. 
Read the whole thing here.


  1. Hmm, hmm.

    So, atheists have set up TV channels that tell people they are going to hell if they don't forsake their religion?

    What, no?

    Okay, how about atheists going door to door to win converts... still no?

    Umm, are they even putting copies of the second half of the God delusion in hotel rooms? No, they kind of figure if you want to read their books you can buy them.

    So really, what are atheists doing that is sooo annoying.

    Oh, that's right, intimating that the religious might be wrong in a manner which is finding popular support. Terrible, horribly opressive these atheists.

  2. Anonymous, I think you need to relax and learn how to take a joke. With more and more atheists being vocal about their atheism and calling for other atheists to do the same it is unavoidable that some of them are going to be annoying in their behavior. The same thing happens with any kind of movement.